Come and join us in the adventure of learning Spanish.


At Letra Caribe Language School, you will find a team that is more than willing to help you in your quest for knowledge.

We believe languages are to communicate feelings, expressions and ideas. We will teach you how to share those feelings, expressions and ideas in Spanish.

We will provide you with a professional assessment of your language skills, a great program designed to help you reach your goals, and invaluable tools to help you learn and improve your Spanish.


Our Spanish Programs 

No matter what level of Spanish you're at, our Spanish classes will help you learn and develop your language skills. We run beginner, intermediate and advanced Spanish programs that are set to reach your goals in the most efficient way possible.

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Our Spanish classes

Unlike most Spanish schools, we don't insist you sign up to a minimum number of classes. No matter how long or short your time here, we have a class that will work for you, plus events and activities to help you practice Spanish after class in Cartagena.

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your Spanish school

Letra Caribe Language School has been helping students learn Spanish in Cartagena since 2015. Find out more about the school, the teachers and most importantly, what our students think of their Spanish classes.

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Start your Spanish adventure

No tests, no one-size-fits-all courses, and no need to commit to a minimum number of classes. To begin your Spanish journey, we just need a 10-minute conversation to understand your needs, learning style and when you want to begin.

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This is the best place to quickly become more fluent in Spanish while meeting new friends, learning about Colombia and having an awesome time in Cartagena.
— Saskia, Letra Caribe student