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Local couple dancing by the Clock Tower in Cartagena.


Reach your goals with our

At Letra Caribe, we offer Spanish programs that help you reach your goals:

  • Gain confidence before your holiday. 

  • Develop really useful language skills before you travel, invest, work or relocate in Latin America. 

  • And continue learning for as long (or as short) a time as you like. 

Our Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Spanish programs are set to reach your goals in the most efficient way possible.

Learn to communicate who you really are in Spanish

Letra Caribe students try local food in class in Cartagena.


Our Beginner Spanish program helps you acquire the basics for understanding and reaching the following:

  • Being able to give and get personal information

  • Understanding signs and information directly related to your surroundings

  • Being able to describe situations, people, objects and places

  • Talking about your daily routine in a basic manner.

On completing this level, you'll have the basic Spanish you need to travel independently on holiday in Latin America.

Letra Caribe student talks to a local while walking in a barrio of Cartagena.


With an Intermediate Spanish program, you will put to practice in more in-depth, all you learned in the Beginner Spanish program, and develop more conversational Spanish, including:

  • Talking about your experiences and things that happened in the past

  • Develop Spanish proficiency relating to your field of professional expertise or personal needs

  • Expressing in a concrete way your dreams and plans.

By the end of the Intermediate Spanish program, you'll more easily be able to meet and get to know people while you work with Spanish speakers or travel in Latin America. 

Letra Caribe student meets a local lady to practice Spanish.


The Advanced Spanish program will develop your skills towards fluency in Spanish conversation, working on pronunciation and grammatical nuances, and the different meanings they might have depending on the situation. In addition:

  • Gain specific vocabulary and practice in specialist topics for your travel or work

  • Focus on listening and conversation through activities interacting with locals

  • Acquire a comprehensive understanding of Colombian culture

  • Develop your Spanish fluency through oral presentations, debates and class discussions. With these activities, you will also have the chance to use all the grammatical content learnt in class.

Doctor talks to a local woman.

Business Spanish

We also design specialist programs for professionals. If you have employees with specific Spanish needs, or you're a professional who needs to work in Spanish, get in touch.  We have experience preparing professionals for work in many language areas, including medical, diplomatic, not-for-profit, business negotiation, tourism and more. 

Photo by Zach Vessels

Our Classes

Our Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Spanish programs can be completed through private classes, group classes, online classes or a mixed format. You can start anytime and there's no need to sign up to a set number of lessons.

Letra Caribe teachers, Gustavo and Yanuba.

Not sure which class to start with?  Let's chat.

No tests to complete, just a 10-minute conversation to find your ideal Spanish program today.

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