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in Cartagena

You'll learn and retain your new Spanish language skills a lot more effectively with a little real-life practice.

A little real-life Spanish practice gets results

Locals with a horse and carriage talk in the main square in Cartagena.

Locals in Cartagena love to talk, so at Letra Caribe, we offer many enjoyable activities to help you practice Spanish and get to know the beautiful city of Cartagena better.

Apply the Spanish you've learnt in class to real-life situations, meet other students and local people and learn about Colombian culture. 

Let's speak Spanish

Viviendo Español

Viviendo Español is our experiential Spanish program.  Normally, we go out into the streets and barrios of Cartagena to give you the chance to practice the Spanish you've learnt in class, by having conversations with really interesting local people.

Currently, we're arranging Spanish activities at a distance.  Wherever you are in the world, we can connect you with locals who love to share their experience with you. 

Letra Caribe students talk to a local lady in the Viviendo Espanol program.
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